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New Podcast Serie - takes you behind the closed door!

Have you ever wondered

What is going on at the other side

of the table at a job interview, what does the

Companies think and how do you actually get

Your dream Job?

KarriereSpot is a podcast that spotlights the

major challenges of the Jobinterview.


Trine Sangill and Career Coach Dorthe Albæk

share their experiences and provide jobseekers with

Specific hints for the interview.

The sections in the podcast serie is short

and concrete so that it strikes exactly

your needs. Listen and dive into the topics which

are interesting to you!


Please note, that it is in danish.


Produced by:

Headhunter • Trine Sangill • www.humantalent.dk

Career coach • Dorthe Albæk • www.albaek.nu

#0 Welcome to

Welcome to KarriereSpot. Listen, meet the hosts and learn what you can expect from upcoming episodes. We'll tell you about the purpose of the podcast, what prerequisites we have to produce it, and why you should listen at all.

#1 Do your research

As a jobseeker, you may have already received the Council that you should remember to do your research before a job interview. But how do you do it in the best way?

In this episode we come across:

Why you should do your research before a job interview

What it says about you as an employee, if you have not done your research

Whether the company tests your knowledge

When it's natural to share your research

How to do your research at the company

What to research on

How do you show, that you have done your research

That the company also does their research

#2 Ready, ready, prepare

The episode's subject is "Ready, ready, prepare" – and even though it's really "just" contains how to prepare for a job interview, there are actually many similarities between a Marathon race and a job interview. Listen in If you are one of those who have a job interview just around the corner or just want to be wiser at what the preparation is all about.

In this episode we Come across:

The Mental preparation

How can companies sense that you are not prepared

Which parts of the interview you can prepare for

What to do with the interview

What does the company think if you are nervous about a job interview?

How to tackle nervousness

Whether the body language affects whether you get hired

Whether you can look to confident

Your job interview attire

#3 Tell us about yourself

"Tell us about yourself?" is the most commonly used opening question for a job interview. But many candidates find it difficult. We're comparing the elevator speech with buying a new car – how this's connected, you can hear in this episode.

We come across:

How much your elevator speech weights

What the company is listening for in your elevator speech

How to match your company's needs

What an elevator speech should contain

An example of a good elevator speech

How you can use your spare time to describe yourself professionally

How long time you have for your elevator speech

What is no go in your elevator speech

How to remember your elevator speech

#4 Show your motivation

If you show your motivation to the interview, the Company will remember you. But how do you really show it? In this episode we are talking about this subject.

We come across:

How motivation differentiates you from other candidates

How the company assesses whether you are motivated

How you are asked for your motivation

Can you "Fake" motivation

How to show your motivation

What you do if you are not so motivated

#5 The weak points – how do you tell about them?

Many people find it hard to tell about their weak points. But it can actually be really valuable to you if you know your limitations. Why, you'll find out when you're listening in this episode.

We come across:

Personal vs. Professional weak points

Why it is important to know your limitations

What is the outcome for the company if they know your weak points

How you can be asked to tell about your weak points

What is the technique

How honest you should be

That you can't hide your weak points

How your weak points can give you a good start in a new job

#6 The difficult questions – how do you answer?

This episode is a little bit different compared to the other episodes. In fact, we dig deep in a lot of questions that companies will ask for a job interview. It will be a very concrete "Hands-on "Question-answer section and we give you suggestions and inspiration for a good answer.

Among other things, we come across:

Why are you being terminated?

Why have you been fired?

Why do you have gaps in your CV?

What causes your frequent job shifts?

Do you expect to have more children?

What have you done to develop within the last 5 years?

What are your expectations for salary?

Other factors, such as stress?

Your private and leisure life

#7 Trick question (can you refuse to answer?)

This is a relaunch of the last episode "the difficult questions". They sometimes ask the same question in two different ways. Just to see if you actually answer the same thing. The episode will be a "Hands-on "Question-answer episode and we hope you get good inspiration to answer the trick questions.

We come across:

Your personality

Your professionalism

Your Collaboration method

Your task Solution

How honest you should be to the interview

Whether you can refuse to answer a question

Can you be critical of a question?


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