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Dorthe Albæk

EMCC certified coach

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One of the main aims is that through regular conversations the leader gets deeper insight into his/her own motives, interests and intentions. In everyday life, the result can be seen as, the manager maneuvers with greater overview, intuition and impact. As a manager, as a private person and as a human. Through a long-term Coaching collaboration, with Albæk, You get a permanent personal insight you can draw on the rest of your life.


My experience with the most common purposes and subjects a manager or director wants to focus on in the coaching is (in Uprioriteret Order):


To improve the existing organisational culture... more innovation, responsibility and efficiency

To find better ways to manage stress, increase efficiency and live a life in balance

To sharpen the ability to inspire, create trust and motivation among colleagues, employees and networks

To strengthen personal impact and public appearance

To get feedback on ideas, thoughts, projects...

Develop, articulate and fine-tuned visions

To be stimulated in the leadership

To create greater visibility, clarity and power of action


Coaching is a regular conversation – a partnership between coach and manager. When it's effectively there are three elements present in the coaching collaboration:


Realization – insight into own motives, interests, intentions

Commitment – The willingness to learn about oneself and one's blind spots – and to persistently ask questions for themselves

Action – Translating insights and realization into action and results


 To experience that the Coaching Conversation has made a difference; one of the most important prerequisites for the manager is, that he/she has gained a number of new realizations which were not there before the conversation.

At Albæk we use the Personal Analysis tool OPQ, which is an in-depth tool and can underline who you are as leader.

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