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Dorthe Albæk

EMCC certified coach

CVR: 30446933

City House

Jyllandsgade 20

9000 Aalborg

+45 20 87 68 25






Albæk provides professional coaching to companies and individuals, and actively contributes to the their desired development.

I either solve the task in cooperation with the client or by involving relevant partners depending on the nature and volume of the assignment.



My experience has taught me that if you believe in room for development as well as possibility for people to grow, top achievements are possible!


As a person, I value:


A developing environment;

Good human relations; and

Human diversity.


As a coach, I:


Am empathetic, open and honest;

Use humour to create a safe and good environment;;

Use feedback to facilitate learning and awareness;

Focus on the chosen agenda and what is implied in the spoken word;

Encourage the client;

Use powerful questions, which give rise to reflection in regards to perspectives and strategies; and

Ensure focus on the action plan and goals.


My communication style is inspiring, human-oriented, positive and direct.



Ethical standards


I am a member of EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and therefore meet the admission requirements regarding quality and quantity and I also adhere to the ethical rules and standards of professional coaching.

Dorthe Albæk

Certified Coach and owner


Trine Sangill (associated partner)

Certified Coach and recruitment specialist


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