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and how can Albæk be an acitive player in the game?

No matter where you are in life, you will face challenges that may be difficult to conquer on your own for various reasons.

This is where coaching enters the picture. Your challenges may be personal as well as professional, but with the right tools and strategies,

an otherwise ambitious goal will suddenly be within reach. 

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process, where you will maximise your personal and professional potential,

generate your own strategies and solutions as well as take responsibility for your personal development all through self-realisation.

Having a committed coach from Albæk in your corner will make you capable of working efficiently towards your goals

and help you become the best version of yourself: personally, professionally and as a leader.

All achieved through dialogue and close collaboration.

Albæk your partner in the following areas:

Business Coaching

Executive Coaching

Career Coaching

Exam anxiety

Beside that we have published a Podcast Karrierespot in coorporation with a headhunter.


Dorthe Albæk

EMCC certified coach

CVR: 30446933

Østre Allé 102, 3. B15

9000 Aalborg

+45 20 87 68 25



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