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Albaek Coaching

Dorthe Albæk

EMCC certified coach

CVR: 30446933

Østre Allé 102, 3. B15

9000 Aalborg

+45 20 87 68 25


And what is the result of Career Coaching

Has gained new insights into how the job market and recruitment have changed over the last 5 to 10 years. Gain self-insight in relation to one's own qualifications and personality. Clarification on what directions could be possible for a position. In general, it has been a learning process, with a good result, within the given time.

Torben Collin

It has made me more self-conscious.

Bjørn Behr

Dorthe has provided current and professional advice that has moved me to what I dreamed on. With good mood and concrete feedback, I have learned a lot about myself that has enabled me to structure my job search and give me valuable insight into my potential. I have been extremely satisfied and will contact Dorthe again if I need further coaching. Dorthe has my warmest recommendations.

Lóa Skau Björnsson

I experience a good chemistry between us. I felt we was on the same level and that I was understood & gently challenged in a positive and easy mood.

Elisabeth Hjulmand

The whole process has been good. Good advice about application / CV. Superb advice on skills. Especially how I use them to find the direction I need, and to include it in the application.

I had many job directions in my head. I still have, but I have improved sticking to what I am good at and keep having focus on job goals.

Edel Gyldenskjold

To find my self and my values.

Dorthe Bonde

“Dorthe spent a single coaching session with me, and I was very pleased with the result. I was busy with career considerations and lacked more clarity as to what direction I should go in. With some great tools and the right questions, I achieved great clarity after just one hour. In addition, I now believe more in my self and I know how to use my personality in a positive way. I could already see results after just one coaching session.”

Mette Regitze Rahbek

“I have just had a course of 2 sessions in connection with an upcoming job interview for my dream job. The purpose was to get some tools that I could utilise in order to look forward to the job interview rather than being nervous about choking, talking too much or repeating myself. As a result of the sessions with Dorthe, I got a greater perspective on what I am capable of, what I want, what I am passionate about, and who I am as a professional. This resulted in me feeling very prepared for the interview, feeling safe and having thought about almost all questions and possible scenarios - nothing could catch me off guard. The interview was very successful and without nervousness, and I actually got the job :-)))). I can definitely recommend Dorthe as a coach e.g. in a job situation, where you need collaboration in order to solve the task in the best possible manner.“

Betinna Lauritsen

“Dorthe is an extremely competent coach and a wonderfully warm and sweet person. I am currently in the midst of a course and it is extremely rewarding for me - personally and professionally. Dorthe's approach is holistic and that appeals to me. Se challenges me, but she also supports me. I am getting the whole package. I can truly recommend Dorthe as a coach!”

Janni Larsen

"Very specific – great in terms of preparing for job interviews. Great run-through of CV and Linkedin.”

Hanne Laursen

“You listen and offer suggestions/solutions, and I think you have been great in regards to mental training and feedback on CV etc.”

Alexander Folkvad Petersen

“Got a lot of great and useful information. Got a new job :-) because I learned how to write a good resume and application

as well as practicing for job interviews.”

Ivan Nielsen

"This coaching experience with Dorthe has been a fantastic journey towards letting my best skills shine and working on improving my weaknesses. The tools she has given me have played a key part in my professional development. After this coaching, I can move to the next level in my career but most importantly - I am a better version of myself. Thanks Dorthe."

Alaitz Etxebarria

“I have "cleaned out my closet", put myself in place, gotten to know myself better - my strengths and weaknesses. I have become more conscious about my communication to my surroundings. I have become more clarified, which was my goal :-).”

Peter Rise

“I was supported and pushed in the right direction by a very skilled and competent coach. During the entire course, I have felt comfortable and have had a great feeling whenever I left a coaching session – even though the coaching revolved around a life crisis rather than a job situation, I was met according to my need."

Jannie Bonne

"She listens and has had a positive effect on my personal development.”

Lars  Søndergård

"A coach, who listens and pushes you – and not least gives you a feeling of having new-found energy whenever you leave a session.”

Flemming Pedersen

"My coaching has been very specific and has helped me improve my tools.”

Lotte Jensen

“Dorthe's professional skills and personality have been perfect for me. Very impressive of her to be able to move mountains in almost no time.”

Anne Ditte Larsen

"A different view on things. Challenging tasks that put thoughts in motion.” 

Linda Hornstrup

“Self-awareness and belief in your own values. Maintaining your own personality. Breaking patterns.”

Hanne Brødsgaard

“Dorthe has been very understanding of my problems. She has been very concrete and on point, which I like. I have been reminded of the good things about myself, which I had forgotten to remind myself of. She is good at letting me figure out what is right for me.

I have also gotten concrete tools that I will continue using.”

Jørgen Olesen

“I liked the coaching sessions, many things were processed. I finally got to thinking about other things than work. Especially after the second session, it was just like my mind-set had changed, both at the job and in my leisure time. I became more positive and gained more energy. Helped me believe in myself again. "

Anders L. Pedersen

“Greater insight into my own values / strengths and focus areas. Motivation. The results from the DISC profile, which very obviously indicated that I needed to make a change in my job, forced me to make a plan for what needed to happen and how I could take more initiative/responsibility.”

Alice Bank Danielsen

“My thoughts were completely reversed. Things that I had thought and said aloud for several years suddenly did not make sense to me anymore.

It was a great experience."

Hanne Laursen

“Dorthe has been very attentive in me sticking to my values during the individual sessions.

Dorthe has also managed to shift my focus onto my resources rather than on my limitations.”

Lene W. Antonsen

" During my first session, where my DISC profile was handed out, I got some great insights.

Also, I managed to turn my mind-set in relation to my professional life.”

Susanne Peter

“When I was clarifying my values - the flash back it provided me with as well as the feelings that came up resulted in an intensive experience.”

Anni Nørreris

“Gathering everything we have been through in an action plan, which requires me to do something about the things I want to achieve in the short and long term.”

Trine Klausen

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