Albaek Coaching
Albaek Coaching

Dorthe Albæk

EMCC certified coach

CVR: 30446933

Østre Allé 102, 3. B15

9000 Aalborg

+45 20 87 68 25


It is commonly known that the success of a company largely depends on personal resources.

If you want to create growth and profit for your company, it requires your employees to be motivated and not least dressed to lift the task - Albæk can be your active partner here.

But what if your business does not perform at it’s best? There may be various reasons. 

Perhaps your business is going through some strategic changes or changes in management that are not going as well as expected.

Or, you may be struggling in handling a long-term conflict that is of major importance to your employees' well-being and efficiency.

Regardless of the reason, you as the leader are responsible for ensuring that your employees are motivated to taking responsibility for your company's development.

As a business coach, I have a unique advantage in helping your business forward by offering a fresh and objective view on your company and the involved parties. Through ongoing communication with affected executives and employees, I will assist in identifying and solving the issue.

A problem that more often than not stems from inadequate or inefficient communication internally within the company.

Basically, as a coach, Albæk will provide you and your employees with the tools necessary to focus.

Focus on development, focus on revenue - and thus focus on surplus energy.

Do you have the energy to take the next step?

If so, book a free coaching session at and experience what coaching can do for you and your employees.

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