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We have most definitely all been in a situation where nervousness took over and we choked under pressure.

It is very normal and typically occurs when we have to perform, for example in exam situations, where we only get one chance to prove our worth.

The problem arises when we overanalyse the situation and think too much about negative outcomes,

such as getting a bad grade or even worse, failing the exam - it makes us afraid of failing in general.

In order to calm our nerves and get rid of the fear of underperforming, more and more people unfortunately resort to various forms of medication.

Using coaching techniques commonly used by athletes, you will achieve a far better and permanent result, and at the same time avoid visiting the medical cabinet.

Coaching techniques such as positive psychology, physiology, breathing, energy, visualisation, beliefs, habits, self-esteem, etc. will help you overcome your exam anxiety once and for all. The techniques can also be used for job interviews.

Book a coaching session and experience what coaching can do for you.

List price per session/hour: DKK 800,-.

Student discount: 20 per cent.

Coaching can take place at Albæk, Aalborg, Risskov, online by telephone and Skype.



Nina Jacobsen

“Dorthe understands the problems that I am facing and she provides me with the tools necessary to cope with them.”

Mila Uldall Sørensen

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