Business Coaching

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...and optimize the potential of you and your and your employees!

Did you know, that you have to be energized to make a profit

- and be able to focus on the goal down the road...

If you want to create growth and profits on the bottom line, it requires that your staff have the motivation and ability to reach the company's goals. And their own.

You can't expect your staff to take responsibility for your business - if you do not take responsibility for your staff.

As a coach, I give you and your staff the tools to focus. Focus on development, focus on revenue - and thus focus on profits.

Do you have the surplus to take the next step?

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and experience for yourself what coaching can do

for you and your employees.


Management Development

Competent Leadership

  • Executive and Management Coaching
  • Personality Profile Analysis and Motivation Analysis
  • Strategy Development - including vision, mission and values
  • Business- and Organisation Development
  • Transition- and Change Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Optimizing of Communication Processes

Competence- and Team Development

Optimizing of Human Ressources

  • Coaching of employees
  • Coaching of teams
  • Personality Profile Analysis and Team Analysis
  • Action-oriented programme for persons suffering from stress
  • Outplacement – a value termination
  • Onboarding

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Why do you and your employees not reach their full potential?

The reasons can be many.

Maybe your business is undergoing some strategic or managerial changes that are not going exactly as planned, or require additional resources.

Perhaps there is a long-term conflict that has a major impact on the well-being and efficiency of your employees.

Maybe communication is not working as efficiently as it could.

Or maybe there is no balance in your life.


Together we will explore your goals and different views, opportunities and perspectives will be brought into play.

Through ongoing communication with affected managers and employees, I will be helpful in identifying and resolving the issue.

By taking your business goals as a starting point and putting them into play in relation to your company. I put together exactly the course that gives you the best benefit.

My experience as a Business Coach extends broadly and involves coaching companies within both production, retail, service, finans, agriculture and the public sector.