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The success of a business largely depends on personal resources. If you want to create growth and profits on the bottom line, it requires that your employees are motivated and not least dressed to lift the task - Albæk can be your active partner here.

But what if your business do not perform at its best?

There may be various reasons.

Perhaps your business is undergoing some strategic or managerial changes that are not going as well as expected.

Or perhaps you have difficulty dealing with a long-term conflict that is of great importance to the well-being and efficiency of your employees.

Whatever the reason is, it is your job as a manager, to take responsibility for your employees, so that they stay motivated and take responsibility for the development of your company.

As a business coach, I have a unique advantage in helping your business forward by offering you a fresh and objective view of your company and the parties involved, 

Through ongoing communication with affected managers and employees, I will assist in identifying and resolving the issue.

An issue that often comes from inadequate or inefficient communication within the company.

Basically Albæk, gives you and your employees the tools to get focused. Focus on development, focus on revenue - and thus focus on profits.


Erhvervscoach - Dorthe Albæk

I can tailor a programme that matches your company's expectations and needs - where ever you are in the process of recruiting, retaining, developing or dismissal.

My experience extends widely and involves coaching companies within different kind of Industries for example manufacturing, retail, service, agriculture and the public sector.


  • Facilitator of the proces including vision, mission and values
  • Entrepreneurship

The recrutment proces including a safe and efficient onboarding.


  • Executive and management coaching.
  • Personality profile analysis.

Read about Personality profile analysis here

  • Coaching of employees and teams. 
  • Personality profile analysis and Team profile.

Read more about Personality profile analysis and Team Profile

Action-oriented programme (method ACT) for persons suffering from stress. 

  Business- and Organisation      development

  Strategy development

  Management Development

  Skill development and team      development

  Well-being development

  Recrutment and Onboarding

  • Optimizing of communication processes
  • Conflict management
  • Outplacement (incl. an worthy termination)
  • etc.

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