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Are you carring around suppressed career dreams which you have put on hold years ago?

Or do you need some inspiration to move forward?

Why not take a leap, get a Career coach, and get exited about your job?

There can be many reasons why you have not yet taken or dare to take the leap.

A Career coach provides you with relevant tools to reach your goal and make your professional life satisfying.

During a coaching programme, you learn to make the right choices, and at the same time you become aware of the consequences of the choices you make, and at least not the ones you do not make.

You get an overview of your skills and goals, and most importantly - tools to achieve your goals.

Before your first coach session consider the 3 i's:

  • Interest
  • Investment
  • Intention

You need to consider, what field of interest do you have.

You need to consider, how much time you are willing to invest to reach your career goal.

And finally you have to consider, what are your intensions in regards to your professional life.

The first time you attend Career coaching, the goal will be to create an overview of these 3 i's.

The coaching may take place in Aalborg, Risskov, online and by phone.

Karrierecoaching - Albæk

Your coaching programme is organized individually according to your wishes and needs.

This may include:


  - Personel development

Leak of motivation - lacking a spark on life.

  • Self-esteem - reinventing your faith in yourself and the choices you make.
  • Clarifyring job goals and wishes
  • Values and where do I fit
  • How do I proceed after termination or illness?
  • Can I use my skills elsewhere or abroad?
  • How do I determine a goal and reach it?


  • Covering professional and personal skills.
  • Presentation material - personal branding of myself.
  • Preparing cover letter and CV
  • What is my market value and should it be expanded?
  • Personality profile analyse

Read more about Personality profile analyse here


  • Jobmarket - where are the jobs?
  • Optimising my job seach - what do I have to do?
  • Preparing an activity plan and a marketing strategy.
  • What is networking and how do I utilise it?
  • Using social media in the job seach.

We exchange Job Interviews to jobs!

The job interview is probably the favorite of the few.

This is where your work future can be decided in a minute.

If there was a recipe for how to exchange a Job interview for a job.

Do not worry - there is. And your exchange machine is right here!

Author Dorthe Albæk in cooperation with a headhunter.

Buy the book here

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Have you ever wondered - What is going on at the other side of the table at a jobinterview.

What are the Companies thinking and how do you actually get your dream job?We bring you behind the closed door!

Provider Dorthe Albæk in cooperation with a headhunter.


Podcast KarriereSPOT - udgiver Dorthe Albæk
Podcast KarriereSPOT - udgiver Dorthe Albæk

  Job interview

Bog Jobbet er DIT - forfatter Dorthe Albæk

Book - Jobbet er DIT

How to exchange a job interview for a job!

Podcast KarriereSPOT - udgiver Dorthe Albæk

 Podcast KarriereSPOT

The challenges at the job interview

  • How to be prepared for the job interview?
  • Which kind of questions will they ask and which kind of questions can I ask?
  • How can I prepare myself mentally - so I do not choke?
  • Succees stories - how do I use them as examples?


    Get a discount on your coaching programme when you buy multiple sessions at a time. I offer different packages according to your needs.

    The amount is inclusive different kind of templates.

    *Prices are valid only for private use and can therefore not be used for business purpose.

    *The discount on packages are not avaiable for students.

    Training in job interview

    1 session

    850 DKK

    Training in job interview (managers)

    1 session

    950 DKK

    Bronze programme

    4 sessions

    3000 DKK (save 200 DKK)

    Silver programme

    6 sessions

    4500 DKK (save 300 DKK)

    Gold programme

    6 sessions incl. personality profile

    5200 DKK (save 1000 DKK)

    Career Coaching

    1 session

    800 DKK

    Career Coaching

    1 session (students)

    750 DKK*

    Hvordan kan vi hjælpe dig?

    Har du overskuddet til at tage det næste skridt?


    Så book en coach session på og oplev selv, hvad coaching kan gøre for dig og dine medarbejdere.

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