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The result is that you are maneuvering with greater overview, intuition and impact - as a leader, as a person and as a human being.

Through a long-term coaching collaboration with Albæk, you gain a permanent personal insight that you can  benefit on for a lifetime.

Coaching is a regular conversation - a partnership between coach and leader.

To be effective, there are three elements present in the coaching collaboration:

Realisation - insight into own motives, interests, intentions

Commitment - the willingness to learn about oneself and one's blind spots - and to persistently ask questions to yourself.

Action - to transfer insight and realisation into action and result.

One of the most important outcome for you to experience is, that the coaching conversation has made a difference and you have gained a number of new insights that you haven't got before the coaching.

At Albæk, we use the Person Analysis tool OPQ, which is an in-depth tool and can substantiate who you are as a leader.

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My experience is that the most common purposes and topics a manager or director wants to focus on in coaching is (in unprioritised order):

  • to improve the existing organizational culture - more innovation, responsibility and efficiency
  • to find better ways to manage stress, increase efficiency and live a life in balance
  • to sharpen the ability to inspire, create trust and motivation among colleagues, employees and networks
  • to strengthen personal impact and public appearance
  • to get feedback on ideas, thoughts and projects to develop, formulate and fine-tune visions
  • to be stimulated in your leadership to create greater overview, clarity and power of action
  • to create a personal career plan - a plan so you can set direction and create clarity in your leadership


Executive Coaching - Dorthe Albæk


And what is the result of Executive Coaching

"That I received help to concretize and make my personal and professional skills visible. That I shapen my leadership profile and my informal position as a leader To refine my CV "

                                                        Lene Bering

"Very concrete - Fine to make preparation for interviews. Super review of CV and Linkedin."                                                       Hanne Laursen

"This coaching experience with Dorthe has been a fantastic journey towards letting my top skills shine and working at improving my weaknesses. The tools she has given me have played a key rool in my professional development. After this coaching, I can move to the next level in my career but most importantly - I am a better version of myself. Thanks Dorthe."                                     

                                                  Alaitz Etxebarria

"I have 'cleaned up', put myself in position, known myself better, my strengths and weaknesses. Become more aware of my own communication to the souroundings. I am clarified and that was my purpose :-)"

                                                           Peter Rise

"Someone who listen and push - and not at least the feeling of walking away filled with energy."                                                                                                            Flemming Pedersen

"A different view of of my perspective. Challenging tasks that put my mind in motion."                                                    Linda Hornstrup

Executive Coaching - Dorthe Albæk



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